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With a chemical formula of NaOH, sodium hydroxide is also referred to as caustic soda and lye. It is a white crystalline substance and it quickly absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture from the air. It is also corrosive and known to be very soluble in alcohol, water, and glycerin. Commercially, the substance is available in different white solid forms and as solutions of various concentrations in water. The principal method for the manufacture of caustic soda is through electrolysis of brine. But, it is also prepared through the reaction of sodium carbonate or soda in concentrated solution form with calcium hydroxide or slaked lime.

Read the rest of this entry » A lot of people have problems absorbing nutrients and with breaking down the food they eat due to problems with their digestive system. This is not an uncommon problem that is more often than not blamed to a low level of stomach acid, or a lack of enzymes that are essential in the breaking down process. The causes are not limited to just these two, they are just the most common. One way to help improve a problematic digestive system to function more effectively is to slowly increase your intake of nutrients. An organically rich diet is the preferred way to improve your digestion process, but you may need supplements as well. Presently, one of the big benefits of supplements is that you don’t need prescription, let’s hope this doesn’t change.

They are very attainable either online or a nearby nutrition store. Read the rest of this entry » Matt and Karen Douglas had only been married for a few years when Matt started exhibiting early symptoms of Huntington’s disease (HD). His symptoms started with small, uncontrolled movements, such as his hands twitching when he didn’t want them to; but the movements soon worsened and became so severe that Matt was unable to drive his car. HD is an inherited neurodegenerative disease that over time results in uncontrolled movements, emotional changes and mental deterioration. In the United States, about 25,000 people have HD. Each child of a parent with the disease has a 50 percent chance of inheriting the gene and ultimately developing the disease.

This means at least 150,000 others are at risk of developing the disease, along with thousands of their relatives. Read the rest of this entry » As the body ages, fat begins to find its way to places not so much of our choosing. If you’ve been battling problem fat areas on your hips, stomach or even back, the good news is that yes, it is possible to make those problem spots go away. Here are three basic steps to saying goodbye to troublesome bulges: Lose weight if necessary: Find out from your doctor how close you are to your ideal weight and whether you’re carrying excess fat. Read the rest of this entry » You might be surprise to know that the best exercise to lose belly fat is not what you think. Normally your first point of call will be devoting a lot of energy into doing sit ups which will not yield substantial weight lost.

What you suppose to be doing is an exercise that will reduce your carbohydrate and fat intake. Once your diet is sorted out, you can start thinking of the best exercise to lose belly fat fast. I am going to focus not on one but three abdominal workouts that have proven to be very effective. Read the rest of this entry » What is sad about people who are suffering from diabetes is that many of them remain undiagnosed mainly because of lack of knowledge on the disease and lack of resources to even visit a doctor and know their real condition. In fact, more often than not, “diabetics” or the people who are suffering from diabetes only know about their condition once their bodies exhibit signs and symptoms that can no longer be ignored. These include extreme blurring of vision, excruciating pains especially in the legs, and cuts or sores that takes time to heal and worse, wounds that don’t heal at all and needs to cut to avoid other affected cells from spreading to other parts of the body.

Read the rest of this entry » Cold sores treatments are typically divided in to two broad stages. These can either be OTC (over-the-counter) drugs or creams, medications and home remedies for cold sores. Home remedies include the application of tea bags on the affected areas. Tea contains tannic acid that is antiviral in nature. It ensures that the herpes virus is suppressed. Cold sores cannot be cured, but there are still some remedies and medications that can prove to be fruitful in the management and treatment of cold sores.

Cold sore medication is primarily analgesic in nature. The main purpose of these medications is to ease the signs of cold sore like itching, burning, and pain. There are many other products, which are helpful in providing a healthy immune system that will inhibit the persistent development of cold sore gash or help in promoting the healing process. Read the rest of this entry » Viagra, a medicine prescribed for erectile dysfunction, has been in discussion on a lot of forums regarding its safety in individuals suffering from heart diseases. Studies have been conducted to determine the effects of Viagra (sildanefil) on heart. Heart is a very complex structure that continuously pumps blood throughout the lifespan.

If there is volume overload on heart such as in high blood pressure, it will cause the heart to enlarge and finally it will stop pumping blood due to heart failure. This catastrophe is prevented by a gene that is RGS2 (regulator of G-protein signaling 2), which functions to protect the heart from going into failure. This is the gene that works to prevent heart from enlarging and keeping it fit to pump blood into the arterial tree. In order to prove the role of Viagra (sildanefil citrate) in protecting heart from the deleterious effects of high blood pressure was demonstrated by subjecting the mice to high blood pressures. These mice were divided into two groups, one were those that did not have RGS2 and the other with the RGS2, protective gene for heart that prevents the heart from hypertrophy. Both the groups were induced with high blood pressure and the mice that were lacking the gene RGS2 had about 90% increase in the weight of the heart and about half of the mice of this group died during the experiment.

On the other hand the group of mice that had RGS2, there was seen a delay in the process of hypertrophy (muscle expansion) of the heart. The experiments also revealed that mice that had RSG2 when given (Viagra) sildanefil citrate showed to have higher buffering, which resulted in very decreased amounts of hypertrophy as compared to the mice that had RSG2 but were not given Viagra. The study also revealed that the mice that did not have RSG2 gene had no effect of sildanefil on heart. The experiments to study the effects of RSG2 to prevent heart’s enlargement have been going on for about three years now and now more recent experiments are focused to determine the combined effects of sildanefil and RSG2 on preventing heart from enlarging. Another important factor that is linked to heart failure is due to Gq signaling, which performs the function of vasoconstriction and controls the vascular smooth muscle. The establishment of the fact through these researches about the RSG2 genes in the heart that prevents its hypertrophy, the scientists can now develop better therapies by including ARB or sildanefil to prevent people from going into heart failure.

Currently the doctors use ARB inhibitor and the ACE inhibitor to block the Gq signals, as these medicines block the effects of Gq signals by allowing them to relax and breaks the constrictive effects that causes the increased blood pressure. There have been other researches going on to determine the role of sildanefil (Viagra) to better the arterial pressure in lungs by blocking the PDE5, which is phosphodiesterase 5 that functions by constricting the blood vessels. The individuals suffering from pulmonary hypertension were seen to get good results by using sildanefil as a mode of treatment. The researchers mentioned that pulmonary hypertension affects the right ventricle of the heart and that results in hypertrophy of heart muscles. They found that the phosphodiesterase 5 is expressed in the heart muscles of the right ventricle and sildanefil works to block that and also improve the performance of the muscles in the right ventricle, in the hypertrophied heart. Thus sildanefil not only prevents pulmonary hypertension but also improves the pumping ability of the right heart that pumps the blood into the left atrium from where the blood is pumped into the left ventricle and then into the arterial tree.

Acid reflux is a problem of the digestive system, estimated to affect one-third of the adult US population at least on an occasional basis. The diseas goes by several other names, including Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) and Gastric reflux disease. Why does acid reflux happen? The stomach naturally produces acids during digestion to break down food. The stomach also produces a protective lining of mucus to prevent these acids from eating away and damaging its own lining. Sometimes though, stomach acids come back up the esophagus, which is not as well-protected as the stomach, and this results in a burning sensation.

The esophagus is located directly behind the heart, and the commonly used term, “heartburn,” comes from this fact. Scientists are uncertain about the exact reasons for acid reflux, but there are certain factors known to contribute to and trigger symptoms of the disease. Some of the factors affecting acid reflux: Food and Diet Perhaps the largest factors affecting acid reflux are the dietary choices and habits people make. Fatty or fried foods, onion and garlic tomatoes, and spicy foods can all trigger the burning sensation of acid reflux. In addition, some citrus fruits, chocolate and mint flavorings are cited to worsen symptoms in some people, while they actually quell the pain for others. Eating large meals or eating right before sleeping can disrupt the digestive process, and are also attributed to causing acid reflux.

Drugs and Medication Other consumed items that can contribute to the onset of acid reflux include lifestyle choices: the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and even caffeine. Medications, such as nitrates, antihistamines and calcium channel blockers may also aggravate the condition. Other Causes Some personal factors have been cited to increase the onset of acid reflux. Among these are: pregnancy, rapid weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and even poor posture. Again, a lot of this goes back to dietary choices and chemical imbalances in the body that result from these conditions. For a medical diagnosis, professional consultation should always be sought.

In today’s busy world it is not always easy to remember to maintain good health habbits. However it is of utmost importance to keep up your good health. Here are 21 health tips for men to help you stay healthy and fit. 1. Eat a well balanced diet. 2.

Try to maintain the proper weight for your height, age, and frame. 3. Take a multi vitamin daily. 4. Avoid eating fried foods. 5.

Have your cholesterol checked regularly. 6. Attend regular check ups with your doctor. 7. Have regular prostate exams. 8.

Drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation. 9. DO NOT SMOKE! ! ! 10.

Avoid eating foods which are high in fat. 11. Exercise daily. Incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. 12. Educate yourself on how to recognize the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

13. Avoid eating large amounts of starchy foods. 14. Try to maintain low stress levels. Worry and stress can deplete your health. 15.

Have regular dental exams. Poor dental health can lead to other health issues. 16. Have your eyes examined yearly. 18. Wear sun block and try to avoid excessive sun exposure and skin cancer.

Most men overlook this tip. 19. Keep a check on your blood pressure. 20. Know your famliy health history. 21.

Remember to laugh! Being happy leads to good health. These tips are a good start at achieving and maintaining overall good health. Your doctor or health care physician can lead you in the right direction. Talk to he or she about your desire to stay healthy and ask them to coach you on how to do so. It is very important to know and share your family health history with them.

Your doctor can learn a lot about how to keep you healthy if they know what diseases and illness run in your famliy. Knowing this helps he or she to know what types of tests and screening will best protect you. For example if you have a famliy history of diabetes your doctor may opt to do regular diabetes testing. A large part of good health lies in preventative care. Know yourself and know your body. Watch for any sudden or even gradual changes as they may be a warning sign of illness.

Talk to your doctor about any questions you have concerning your health. It is your doctors job to keep you healthy but it is also your responsibility to take an active role in your health care. Stay active, eat right, attend regular checkups, know your body and maintain good communication with your doctor. If you follow these simple rules and tips it will help you to remain happy and well.