Generic amoxicillin

Generic amoxicillin

Blackheads are so annoying! They look like little black dots on the skin and appear like dirt, but they are not related to dirt in any way, and worse than all that is they can be very hard to get rid of. Looking on the web for how to get rid of blackheads fast you will find many methods, but most of these methods carry a massive risk of scarring the skin if not careful. I wrote an early post on one method for blackhead removal that I disagree on which is titles Blackhead Removal Tool Danger.

No matter how self-conscious you are about your blackheads DO NOT risk long term damage to your skin by using methods that may not be safe. In the next section you will find the methods that I recommend against using, and lover down the what I do and have been for a few years that is safe and effective. How NOT TO Get Rid Of Blackheads! The most popular way that is used, and we all do it is simply using our fingers to squeeze the blackhead out.

This may seem like a harmless way of removing blackheads right? But the truth is this is one of the worst. The hands, especially the fingertips is an area were a lot of dirt, bacteria and other impurities build up which if then used to remove blackheads can risk infection and further breakouts of acne. Danger 2 Squeezing blackheads with fingertips can damage the pore deforming it and even cause scarring long term in some cases.

Blackhead removal tools are extremely popular, but I really do not rate these tools for removing blackheads myself as I have seen the destruction they can cause on the skin if not used correctly, and even then they are still not 100% safe. Blackhead removal tools work by pressing the tool over the infected area until the infection is removed. This can cause redness, inflammation and damage the skin, in worse cases acne scars can also be inflicted by this method. If you do not correctly clean the tool then re-use later it can spread bacteria causing additional acne breakouts.

The last popular blackhead removal method that I do not agree with is pore strips. Not that I think they are as damaging to the skin as the above two but they can definitely damage the skin. If you have sensitive skin irritation and possible burning is a very common side effect of pore strips. Super Effective Method For Getting Rid Of Blackheads Now that you know what I DO NOT agree with, let me tell you my blackhead removal method that I use and have done for many years to help remove those annoying little black dots.

This removal guide is going to guide you through the process step by step, showing you exactly what to do, and what products I recommend for the best results. Boil water, drape a towel over your head and place your head a comfortable distance from the steam. You want it to warm the face but not burn, do this for 5-15 minutes. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

The reason we do this step for s to open the pores, which will make it easier and safer to remove blackheads. . The reason green clay is so effective is because it has a "pulling effect" on the skin, think of how a vacuum works, and green clay works in a very similar way on the skin. To use the green clay simply add 1-2 tsp to a few drops of water and stir, repeat this process until you have a paste like consistency.

Next apply a very generous amount in the areas you have blackheads, leave on for 15-20 minutes before washing off with lukewarm water. Wash the face with cold water to close the pores preventing bacteria and impurities from entering the pores. Go and have a look in the mirror at your results, I can almost guarantee that you will be happy. Out of the many people who have tried this so far 98% have been very happy with the appearance of there skin, and how they have much less blackheads afterwards.

Sorry To Disappoint You If you thought that this method I was always referring to was going to be some super amazing thing with futuristic acne products or just thought it would be better then I can only say sorry, but the truth is it is the simple things that are most often the best when it comes to treating acne and blackheads, and this is the method that works for me and has for other who have used it. Will You TRY This? I would really love for everyone to try this and leave there results on the comment section below, whether the results are good or bad, and how you would improve the method to make it more effective.

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