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Acne is a general term that refers to the disorder affecting a human pores and skin, the latter being one of the integumentary system of a human body which include nails and the hair. The disorder points to the inflammation of a part mostly the skin follicles caused by too much secretion of sebum – a glandular oil, or obstructions of the pores. Both of these conditions facilitate the excess production of a bacteria lying in the oil glands. There are two general types of acne.

The most familiar type is Acne Vulgaris with the following associations – whiteheads, which are caused by a complete blockage of the pores producing the white appearance; blackheads, which results from partial blockage and the skin’s pigment’s reaction to ogygen; papules, a headless reddish bumps; Nodules, a larger painful bumps; and Cysts, a pus-filled nodule and much painful. Another type is Acne Rosacea which occurs frequently among women over 30 and mostly visible in the face as red rashes accompanied by pimples and blemishes. Symptoms come in the form of lobulated nose, gritty eyes, stinging sensations, dilation of blood vessels and burning sensation. It is also cosmetic condition that is harmless, unless the eyes are affected.

So, what causes acne? The main culprit is excess production of sebum or oil, triggered by an over acting hormone, which provide a breeding ground for acne bacteria found in sebaceous glands. The bacteria multiply and affect the area causing inflammation, bumps and irritating conditions. This is prevalent among teenagers since their internal glands produce more hormones to assist in the body’s growth and development.

The primary cause of Acne lies in the body’s digestive or gastrointestinal tract. This has been considered as the alternative path in disposing toxins which are overloading the intestines. The toxins refer to those emanating from saturated and hydrogenated fats found in food consumed. Other known causes but of less significance are: the body hormones during puberty years; presence of P. acne bacteria; too much application of cosmetics; stress combined with improper diet and sleeplessness; and skin infections.

There are various myths about Acne on how they come to be or aggravate the situation. Among the myths with their explanations are: Frequent Washing of Faces – said to clear impurities and unblock the pores, wash with bare hands instead at 2x a day; Stress – believed to contribute to acne proliferation, taking medications from psychiatrist and finding ways for its treatment is more advisable; Masturbation or Sex – a sex urge triggers increase in androgens which is responsible for severe acne, no scientific evidence; and Sun rays – can cause more irritation, exposure should be regulated. Preventing Acne requires a lot of sacrifice and change in lifestyle. For one, avoiding foods that cause acne and intake of nutritious foods with less carbohydrates and facts are highly recommended to control the acne-prone glucose and insulin synthesize from them.

For initial signs of acne, one should seek the advice of a dermatologist who may prescribe drugs that reduces production of acne-triggering hormones. Both prescription (samples include Adapalene, Azelaic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Clindamycin and Erythromycin) and over-the-counter drugs (Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur and Resorcino) are available to regulate if not eliminate the spread of acne. Solutions to recurring acne problems are possible with acne home remedies that utilize the holistic approach instead of the conventional and costlier process. Application of Mint in affected areas reduces inflammation due to the analgesic effect of its menthol composition.

Boiling Aloe Vera leaves and or applying the juice extracted from them directly to the face is a good alternative that works as antibiotic and reduces irritation. A Lime juice mixed with groundnut oil is also an anti-inflammation and anti-redness option. A cream made of whipped egg whites applied to the face eliminates excess oil and reduce redness. The foregoing paragraphs provide a brief summary about the causes of acne.

Even a slight understanding of the terms used is enough for one to act accordingly and fight the disorder. The home remedies for acne are just simple ways to initially commence the unusual battle. It’s also wise to consult a licensed dermatologist or skin care expert for advice.

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